20-02-2020 This partnership launched by the Government, is part of the National Housing Plan for students, which aims to take advantage of and convert unoccupied State buildings into student residences, with the purpose of creating 12 thousand more beds in a decade. 

The Government and CP will create a protocol in which several stations among other deactivated facilities will be made available to be transformed into student residences with capacity "between 300 and 500 beds". The protocol that will be signed with CP, in the presence of the Ministers of Higher Education, Infrastructures and several rectors, aims to take advantage of the deactivated stations to increase the supply in the Greater Lisbon area. 

In all, there will be another 300 beds, but so far there is no "knowledge of a forecast for the start of the works", "They are expecting to start before the end of this school year with a construction period of about one year and three months and that it can be made available still in 2021 for students". 

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