14.10.2021-The festival Burning of the Ribbons 2021 will take place from October 22nd to 29th at the Praça da Canção, in Coimbra! 

The festival Burning of the Ribbons 2021 will be taking place in Coimbra University’s  Welcome to the New Students. This is a great opportunity for our students at Academia to get a feel of Coimbra’s student spirit...!  

Many news are waiting for you, starting with your ticket. This will be issued in a different way! Get the Official Bracelet of Burning of the Ribbons 2021 and you will have access to all the Park Nights!  

There is more than just the Official Bracelet. All participants of the event will receive a Cashless Bracelet as a gift, in order to make any payment inside the Praça da Canção.   

On the 24th of October, Burning of the Ribbons will have an Open Air Party at Praça da Canção, replacing the Parade of the New Beatings (Cortejo dos Novos Fitados).  

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