7.10.2021-The European Commission has released the new Erasmus+ app, a new milestone in the digitisation of the Erasmus+ programme. The new app, available in all European Union languages, will provide every student with a digital European Student Card. 

In this academic year, when 600,000 higher education students are expected to study abroad thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, the European Commission has released a mobile application for the European programme to support the digital European Student Card, valid all over the European Union (EU). 

This application is available on Android and iOS operating systems and through it, exchange students will be able to obtain the European Student Card to access services, museums, cultural activities, and special conditions at the university and in the host country.  

They will also be able to search and select their destination among the university partners, sign their learning agreement 'online', discover events and useful advice about their destination, and get also in touch with other students. 

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