30.9.2021-Nightspots, closed since March 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic, will reopen starting the 1st of October, for customers with a digital certificate. StudentVille leaves you here the new measures! 
Great news! Taking into consideration the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal and, above all, the vaccination process, the Government has decided to move on to the next phase of the Plan for the Gradual Lifting of Restrictions. 
Thus, and starting 1st of October - the following measures will be adopted: 
Opening of bars and nightclubs with a digital certificate(yupi!), restaurants will no longer have a maximum limit of people per group, end of the digital certificate requirement for access to restaurants, tourist establishments or local accommodation, bingo halls, casinos, group classes in gyms. 
Mandatory presentation of the Covid UE Digital Certificate for: 
Travel by air or sea, major cultural or corporate events, bars and nightclubs. 
The use of the mask is mandatory in: 
Public transportation, hospitals, halls of shows and events, large shopping areas. 

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