20.12.18- To get to know the Portuguese Christmas tradition, nothing better than to join a Portuguese family on the evening of 24th to 25th of December. Erasmus Student Network Coimbra (ESN Coimbra) launched the challenge to Portuguese families from Coimbra to receive Erasmus students at their homes on Christmas eve.  


In order to provide a typical Portuguese retreat to Erasmus students who are away from home during the Christmas season in Coimbra, ESN Coimbra is promoting the "Erasmus Portuguese Christmas" initiative associated to a challenge launched to Portuguese families from Coimbra to receive Erasmus students on the evenings of 24th to 25th of December, in their homes. The purpose of this typical dinner is to provide a cozy atmosphere, conducive to the celebration of Christmas, since students are far from their families and homelands. Christmas is above all a moment of fraternization, family and union, a way of having a familiar proximity even if it is not your usual one. 

Go to ESN Coimbra to get to know which families are registered and come and live the joy of Christmas at a Portuguese table! 

Merry Christmas!


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