14.2.19- On this Valentine's Day, StudentVille shares some perspectives on today's love among the young Erasmus Generation. 


The Erasmus programme has existed since 1987. More than three million students in Europe have already participated in this cultural and academic exchange. It represents a kind of right of passage and has a strong impact in the future life of those who participate in it. The possibility of meeting people of other nationalities and with different cultural backgrounds completely changes the way we relate to other cultures. Those who live for one or two semesters abroad,  can't wait to travel again when they return home, in the eagerness for more experiences. But what about Love? Have times changed and the way we look at Love with them? Can we call it a transient love 

The truth is that many find it when university students go to study abroad. Through the latest study carried out by the European Commission in 2014 on the impact of Erasmus and its contribution of the EU student exchange programme of employability and professional mobility, 33% of these students were found to have a partner of a different nationality, and about one million babies had already been born in the European Union by Erasmus Generation couples. 

But there is nothing better than to hear the opinions on how love is felt and lived in these Erasmus generations than by Erasmus students themselves. Click here to access testimonies from who’s already been through it! 

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