14.03.19- For those that think that it is hard to walk up and down Coimbras streets, StudentVille shows you a new solution. From the 1st of March, Coimbra will have electric scooters so that you can circulate effortlessly and thus contribute to the improvement of the urban environment. Coimbra City Council signed an agreement with Lime, a company of shared vehicles that counts with the investment of Uber and Google, which consists of the installation and operation of an electric scooter sharing system in the city, which will come into service from this 1st of March. Coimbra is the second Portuguese city signing a contract with this company, with Lisbon being the first. The environmental and energy gains are points in favor of this system, which will contribute to the improvement of air quality and the urban environment. They will operate between 05:00/07:00 and 21:00, and the 200 to 400 scooters in service in Coimbra will dispose of a total of 70 parking points and their use is prohibited to minors under 18 years of age. In the meantime, there will be "safety and education campaigns" to promote their responsible use, from the (recommended) use of a helmet to safe driving that respects traffic rules to the correct parking, as noted by the head of Lime. Find out more here! 

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