28.4.2022-The Coimbra Burning of the Ribbons 2022 will take place from May 20th to 27th, in Praça da Canção, to the joy of the entire student community. 

The Coimbra Burning of the Ribbons 2022 starts with the emblematic Monumental Serenade and will take place in Nova.  

The Organizing Committee of the Queima das Fitas de Coimbra 2022 already has some names for the program! 

Among them, confirmed we will have in Coimbra Plutonio, Dillaz on 24th of May, MC Pedrinho, who will step on the stage of the Praça da Canção on the night of Economy, on Wednesday 25May, and many others. 

You can´t miss it! Know everything here. 

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