5.5.2022-The Bolt offers the new model in electric bicycles from the 2nd of May, in Coimbra. 

The Bolt, European platform for micro mobility provides from the 2nd of May, in Coimbra its new model of electric bicycles. 

After the implementation of a fleet of this model in Lisbon, Bolt now comes with the same to the city of Coimbra. To encourage the adhesion of the Coimbra citizens, the Bolt is with a special launch price of €0.05 per minute. 

"The initiative, which makes this sustainable alternative accessible to all, aims to accelerate the transition of mobility habits to environmentally friendly solutions," says Santiago Páramo, responsible for Bolt's Micro mobility in Portugal. 

To prevent them from becoming obstacles for pedestrians, Bolt also makes available all the public places in the city where you can leave your bike properly parked. 

In terms of design, you can count on a charger for the phone on the steering wheel and, on the bike's control panel, besides a GPS, you can see your speed and if it is in accordance with the area where you are. 

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