24.6.2021- Coimbra students create an ecological lunchbox and are going to the international Entrepreneurship competitions, to be taking place in October, online.

A group of studeents frim University of Coimbra (UC) has created a cork-based ecological lunchbox, inspired by a traditional food container used in the past by farmers in Portugal's Alentejo region.

The ecological lunch box, called the Cork Food Box, is made of cork and a bioplastic, in collaboration with Amorim Cork Composites, a company of Amorim group, world leader in the cork industry, the UC said in a press release.

The ecological lunch box contains a set of containers of different sizes for transporting and consuming food and drinks, wich makes it suitable for daily use and take-away services.

Because it needs to comply wih certain technical characteristics, such as being able to be washed in the dishwasher, to go into the micorwave to heat the food it carries and to obtain certification for food use, this process is already underway.

In a second step, the project's authors intend to sign consortiums with restaurants and large event organization, such as festivals and student parties, like Queima da FItas.

The students of Science and Technologu Faculty if the University of Coimbra (FCTUC) responsible for the ecological lunch box will also compete in the 7th edition of the "China International College Students Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", currently "one of the largest international competitions in innovation and entrepreneurship for college students", says the UC.

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