19/01/2023 – A Portuguese university, the University of Coimbra was considered one of the ten most beautiful in the world, published in the French edition of the GEO magazine.

The French edition of the GEO magazine published the list of the ten most beautiful universities in the world and among them is a Portuguese university!

One of the oldest in the world in activity, the chosen one was our very own University of Coimbra, now made up of eight faculties and 18 museums.

"Some universities are not only known for the quality of their education: they are also splendid buildings full of history." This is how the GEO article begins, which highlights the magnificent Biblioteca Joanina, but also the cloisters and the Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra. It was also mentioned that, in 2013, UNESCO classified a large part of the city's historic centre, not only the secular university, but many of the buildings that are connected to it, from Coimbra´s uptown to downtown.

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