26/01/2023 - The new Quake Museum, inaugurated on April 20th, tells the story of the catastrophic earthquake of 1755, focusing on earthquakes as a phenomenon of Nature.

The Quake rooms will appear alive through complex sets of lights and projections, with constant animation and movement. During this immersive experience, there will be machines that will be expeling particular smells, heat or even wind, with the goal of making the experience intense and realistic. This exhibition was created with the aim of clarifying to visitors how an earthquake is formed, as well as examples of current earthquakes and explanations of how anti-seismic constructions work in buildings.

The most immersive and unique exhibition is certainly when you enter a time machine that will take you back to November 1st, 1755, the date that transformed Lisbon forever. You can have the experience of stepping back in time and going through several realistic scenarios of that period, while receiving information on how the society of the 18th century worked.

You can buy tickets online and visit the website to find out more useful information. At the moment they can be bought with a discount, since Quake is doing a soft opening. If you buy online, adult tickets start at 21 euros. There are also special packages for groups.

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