2/02/2023 - Want to see impressive exhibitions, but save money at the same time? StudentVille recommends you 3 museums that you can visit without spending a cent!

Dr. Sá Penella Portuguese Dermatology Museum

In this museum you can find hundreds of wax masks, where it is possible to witness the dermatological effects of several diseases, especially syphilis. This collection is located in the Main Hall of the Hospital de Santo António dos Capuchos, and it’s visited by medical students who choose this exhibition for its didactic value. It is only open on Wednesdays, from 2pm to 5pm, and it is recommended to book by e-mail (visitas.patrimonio@chlc.min-saude.pt)

Health Museum

You can visit this museum in the former neurosurgery service of the Hospital de Santo António dos Capuchos with the exhibition "800 years of health in Portugal", which allows you to see 400 pieces from various partner institutions, from the Portuguese Red Cross to the Natural History and Science Museum. It is only open on Wednesdays, but it has a bonus: not only is the entrance free, but you are also entitled to a guided tour, just don't forget to make your appointment.

Money Museum

This museum focuses on money; however, you don't need a penny to visit. Opened in 2016 and focusing on interactivity, here you can go through the history of money and its relationship with society and also access the D. Dinis Wall Interpretation Centre, built in the 13th century. You can also mint a coin in your own image and see a 12kg gold bar.

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