13.1.2022-The new study room is prepared to fulfil the hygienic-sanitary standards imposed by the General Direction of Health (GDH). The new space of Polo I intends to respond to the lack of places to study in Coimbra. 

The first semester exams season has already started and many of you choose to study outside your home. Good conditions for a quiet and safe study session are a mandatory requirement. 

The new studying room in Polo I seems to be one of those options, given the adhesion it has had. 

The student community of Coimbra can now count on with a new place to study. The space that was previously known as Cantinas Monumentais, closed since last year, was chosen for this purpose. 

Through social networks, the General Management of the Academic Association of Coimbra (DG/AAC) made the announcement and explained that this initiative comes to respond "the few places to study in exam season. 

In the same publication, the DG/AAC guarantees that the space can receive the students to comply with the new hygienic-sanitary rules of the General Direction of Health in force. 

The new AAC Monumentais Study Room will be open every day for 24 hours, until the 27th of February. 


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