6.1.2022-Rest is an indispensable part of a productive and healthy academic path, but this does not mean putting college aside, but rather taking a momentary priority on moments of leisure and relaxation. 

After long periods of time managing all your student obligations, breaks become truly rewarding and should be used to recharge your energy before returning to classes. Still, you should keep up the pace of productivity to come back refreshed. So, here are some suggestions on how to make your breaks. 

1-Dedicate yourself to the things you lack time for during classes, whether it is travelling and discovering new places, walking around the city, drawing, playing an instrument, reading a book, chatting with friends or any other way, spending time with the things you like without becoming sedentary. 

2-Try to maintain some weekday habits so that the return to college is a smooth transition. Avoid sudden changes in your sleep and activity schedules, even if these activities consist of leisure time, so that there is not too sharp an impact on your daily patterns.  

3-Keep stimulating your reasoning and your creativity. Mental sedentarism is as harmful as physical sedentarism, since it canlead to a drop in productivity, that will be reflected in your academic life. You can simply resort to activities that you enjoy and that arouse your interest so as not to lose your learning habits. 

4-The most normal thing is that holidays precede test seasons or the delivery of written assignments. For this reason, breaks from classes become very useful times for preparing for all these obligations. If this is your case, use these times to catch up on your studies at your own rhythm, without the limitations imposed by the academic schedule and in the way that is most convenient for you.  

In order not to overload yourself, make a list of the work you still have pending, organise it in parts and assign each one a deadline within your availability.  


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