19/10/2023 – Discover Conímbriga, visit one of Portugal's richest archaeological sites. 


The ancient Roman city of Conímbriga originated as a Celtic fort of the Conii tribe at the end of the Iron Age. Occupied by the Romans from 139 BC onwards and its population completely Romanised, it was under Emperor Augustus in the 2nd century AD that the city reached its peak of splendour, with the construction of public baths and a Forum, a reconstruction of which can be seen in the Museum. 

The major excavations carried out during the 20th century revealed a valuable and complex site. XX have revealed a valuable and complex set of buildings, including thermal baths, an aqueduct that runs more than 3,400 metres from the spring, and the remains of a Christian basilic,probably dating back to the 6th century. 

It's also possible to see the noble houses that still retain a magnificent polychrome mosaic floor, particularly the House of Cantaber, a typical residence from the 3rd century and one of the largest in the entire Western Roman world, and the House of Repuxos, with an area of 569 m2 paved in mosaic, decorated with beautiful paintings illustrating mythological and everyday themes, where a central landscaped peristyle with water games makes it unique.  

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