26/10/23 - For 3 days, Lisbon is criollo.

The Lisboa Criola project celebrates the cultural mix of Lisbon.

It brings together several artists from different areas such as music, gastronomy, plastic, visual and performative arts.

This party has common spaces and welcoming spaces.

It will be 3 days full of good energy coming from all corners of the city.

3 days of music, expression, sports, gastronomy and much more.

From 8 months old to 80 years young, there is something for everyone in this celebration that vibrates in the body and heart.

Plays, talks and workshops will occupy the stage and be the setting for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of energy. After all, we're partying!

Come along too on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of November.

DATES AND LOCATIONS: DAY  2/11 Bairro Portugal Novo (olaias)

                                                     3/11 Alfama 

                                                      4/11 Hub Criativo do Beato

   PRICE: Free entry

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