On the 20th October, the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra  organized an outdoor activity for international and Erasmus students.

 This initiative was held in Serra da Lousã, under the topics #SaveTheNature # LousãForeverGreen.

This action is part of the commitment established by the Institute with the global effort to achieve the 17 goals of the Agenda2030 for sustainable development. 
The day was dedicated to the integration of international and Erasmus students and included activities of environmental responsibility and contact with nature. This action of recovery, conservation and sustainable use of the Serra da Lousã ecosystem was planned to contribute towards the 15th goal - Protecting Life on Land.

A photo contest was launched, in which all international students could participate, and their prizes were two "Intra-Rail" tickets, allowing them to travel by train throughout the whole of  Portugal, whilst staying accommodated in Youth Hostels.

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