The exam period has arrived, and it is important to know or remember that there are some tricks that can be use when it comes to studying time, choosing how to study, and how much or when to study.

After understanding what kind of discipline you are studying (theoretical or practical), look for the auxiliary material that best suits it and ask colleagues for summaries. Make sure to dedicate the correct amount of hours for each one, in line with the time established in the ECTS (European System of Transfer of Credit).

The place for study is very important, so choose the environment correctly.

Read, summarize, and map things out. Making visual schemes helps immensely to make use of memory capacity as well as visual memory.

But most importantly, practice!!!

And never forget that it is essential to eat properly and rest from 7 to 8 hours a day.

In addition to these tips, we here are some more that we found on the FCTUC website, for this period and for your entire academic year. Click the link above to access them.

Have a nice study period!!!

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