29.7.2021-Erasmus by Train" is a non-governmental organization of university students that aims to link the Erasmus+ and Interail programs. The students call on the European Union to provide free Interail tickets to all Erasmus program participants.  


Being 2021 the European Year of Rail Transport, a group of German university students have now decided to present the initiative in the European Parliament through the petition Free Interrail passes for all Erasmus+ students.  


The "Erasmus by Train "project started at a summer academy in 2019 in the UK and was born so that students can take a more sustainable transport option by linking the Erasmus+ and Interail programs, appealing to the European Union to provide free Interail tickets to all Erasmus program students.  


This initiative is because over 75% of the 335,600 Erasmus students in 2018/19 chose the plane as a mode of transport to travel to and from their exchange destination being a higher carbon dioxide emitting mode of transport. 


Erasmus by Train has launched a student support page with steps and tips on how to book train travel, so students know how to be sure to choose this mode of transport. Know more here! 

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