3.10.19-The 2nd edition of the festival "Correntes de um único rio"- Encontro da Canção, do Fado, da Música e das Guitarras de Coimbra  Gathering of Song, Fado, Music and Guitars of Coimbra has arrived and will take place from 1st to 7th of October 2019 in the city.  

For the second consecutive year, the festival "Correntes de um único rio" - Encontro da Canção, do Fado, da Música e das Guitarras de Coimbra (Gathering of Song, Fado, Music and Guitars of Coimbra) will take place from 1st to 7th of October in CoimbraThe festival will have its main stages in the São Francisco Convent, but will also walk through the city's streets and student republics with live music in 'Roteiros da canção de Coimbra'. 

 On the 3rd of October, the fourth edition of the Great Night of Fado and Song of Coimbra will take place as part of the festival. 

If you are a lover of Coimbra's song or want to discover one of the most important immaterial main elements of the culture and identity of Coimbra, this is for you! 

See the program here! 

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