The 8th edition of the Lisbon Open House will take place from 21st to 22nd of September, exploring and discovering the streets of the city. StudentVille tells you everything! 

 The Open House Lisbon 2019 event will challenge the public to discover 50 points of the city that they could not know otherwise. Excluding the central area of the city from the routes, it intends to expand and diversify the selection of spaces. Private houses, cultural spaces, infrastructures, schools, neighborhoods, mobility networks, gardens, among other spaces will be open to the public, many of them usually closed to visitors. In addition to the visits, there are concerts, performances, films, debates, and readings in the programme. The entrance is free in all situations.  

The event will take place from 21st to 22nd of September and is for all ages and includes accessibility for blind, deaf and intellectually disabled people. 


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