23.4.2020-The Science, Technology and Higher Education Ministry puts forward that universities and polytechnic institutes should start preparing for the return of class-based courses in May.  

The Science, Technology and Higher Education Ministry has put forward that practical subjects should restart in-class courses and that theoretical courses should remain with online and distance learning classes for now - and that in this case, the return to classroom-bases classes should be done gradually. 


Two weeks have been given to institutes to establish action plans that need to be completed by the 30th of April, considering that plans should be put into practice on the 4th of May. 

As a priority, and besides in-class courses being given in-person, it is defined that final evaluations and the conclusion of internships have to be part of the education institutes’ plans. 

The Ministry has also declared that research centres should be reopened, that clinical activities in the health sector should be restarted and that student support services such as cafeterias and libraries should be re-opened. 


Each institute is responsible for the purchase of disinfection and protection materials for students, teachers and staff, which must be guaranteed in the return to classroom-based courses.  

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