25-06-2020 In cloistered environments of monuments of the city, "Tales, myths and legends of Coimbra", will consist of 4 sessions of stories, in June and July 2020, narrated by professional narrators. 

The motto for the development of this programme was focused on the tales, myths and legends, an integral part of the culture, considered by UNESCO as Immaterial Cultural Heritage, on the rich heritage of the city's monuments and the beauty of the involvement between history, fantasy and understanding of the world and also on the image of the storyteller, an ancestral figure, present in countless generations throughout time, where the narratives were woven by the magical voice of the storyteller, around bonfires or torches that contributed to create an atmosphere of intense dream.   

Given the new reality which we live in, reservations only allow 15 people per session, made through the following e-mail. 

However, in order to have a greater sharing in the promotion of culture, each show will be transmitted live, online. 

Find out the whole program here. 

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