18.06.2020 In the next national competition for access to higher education degrees that are sought after by students with higher averages will be able to increase the number of vacancies again. 

There are 20 degrees that can grow up to 15%. The Government is also preparing to increase the number of places in medical degrees.  

There can only be an increase in the number of "excellent" candidates if there are more than the numbers of places available. Only 20 will be able to increase their places - which compared to last year is almost double. 

This is the first time in more than a decade that medical degrees will have more places available. Coimbra, Minho and Madeira degrees will have this possibility. 

The recommendation to increase the number of places on medical degrees is made by the working group appointed by the Government in the context of a proposal from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which has announced that it wants to open these degrees to international students.  

Degrees that were able to increase their vacancies last year, not only did demand grow, exhausting all available places, but almost all access averages rose. These 20 degrees will be able to increase the total number of places available for new students by 15%. Of these higher education degrees, only three are not based in Lisbon or Porto.  

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