11.6.2020-StudentVille Studios in Lisbon has been certified with the Clean & Safe Seal, taking all sanitary measures against the Covid-19, so that you can make your reservation without any preoccupations! 

StudentVille Studios is regulated by the measures indicated by the Portuguese Government, with guidance from the Health Directorate-General and other actions created and implemented for the accommodation, which due to its characteristics, services and segment in which it is positioned, require greater zeal for the journey of its clients. 

The new measures cover two main areas: safety, protection and hygiene and the level of customer experience. 

Staff has been given internal training and protocol for compliance with DGS measures, which covers, for example, social conduct, ways of cleaning hands, and daily monitoring of body temperature. 

When you arrive, you will be provided with a welcome kit that includes a mask, gloves and disinfectant. 

In relation to the cleaning of areas, specific care has been taken for procedures such as changing bed linen and towels, and cleaning the rooms, which will have a 24-hour period between use by different clients. 


StudentVille is always thinking about your well-being and safety! 

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