8.7.2021-The new Erasmus+ Programme will help to accelerate new practices that improve the quality and the relevance of education, training and youth systems in Europe, at national, regional and local level.  

The structure of the Erasmus+ Programme has been announced and will support the funding of learning mobility projects and cross-border cooperation covering ten million Europeans of all ages and from all backgrounds in the sectors of School Education, Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education, Adult Education, Youth and Sport.

Erasmus+ will also support the resilience of education and training systems in facing the Pandemic. 

The new Erasmus+ offers opportunities for study periods abroad, traineeships and saff exchanges in all fields of education, training, youth and sport.

It will also support opportunities for echange and cooperation trough new youth participation activities to help youg people participate in democratic life, raising awareness of common European values and fundamental rights and bringing young people and decision-maers together at local, national and Erupean level.

The Erasmus+ resilience effort in the contxt of the pandemic will mobilise hundreds os thousands of schools, higher education institutions, vocational training institutes, teachers, toung people, youth and sport organizations, civil society and other interested groups. 

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