31.12.2020- To start the new year with full focus energy and a sense of lightness in your studies, StudentVille leaves some tips that will help you in your studies!  


In this period leading up to the exams phase and still requiring you to organise yourself online and face-to-face, know that you don't need to be anxious! StudentVille leaves a few tips to help you maintain your well-being, your mental health and the best performance in your tasks. 


1-Manage your time- good time management means we can balance our duties by organising the tasks in a calendar (it can be an online calendar like google calendar) 


2-Take breaks - there are several different methods when it comes to periods of work/rest: the pomodoro (20 min work - 5 min rest); the hour (45 min work - 15 min rest); the 90' (90 min work - 30 min rest). 


3-Meditation - The goal is to slow down your rhythm and regain focus on the present moment instead of thinking about the future. 


4-Clarify your doubts in a group - if you have more difficulties, working in a team prevents you from getting anxious because you can talk about your own doubts and even help other colleagues who need you in another matter that you know more about. It is motivating! 


With these tips, StudentVille wants you to leave lightly this 2020 and... Welcome 2021! 

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