24.3.2022-In April, bookings for flights to Portugal skyrocket to 500% above what it was in the same period in 2021. 

Portugal is undoubtedly the destination of choice in Europe for many tourists with airline tickets booked for April! Over 500% more than 2021 is the rate of bookings accounted for by the Tourism of Portugal. Looking at the countries that most visit us, we find the United Kingdom, Germany and France, as well as other markets with strong growth rates, such as the USA, Canada, and Brazil, which find in our products the best answer to their interests, from enotourism, literary tourism, art and architecture. 

Despite these numbers, Portugal is still betting on other markets such as South Korea, Japan, and other Asian markets. 

These numbers translate the confidence and security in our country and also how Portugal is a country of excellence in the tourism sector throughout Europe and worldwide.   

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