31.3.2023-Want to know Coimbra and are tired of the same travel tips in every guidebook? Here are four tips to make your trip or stay in Coimbra unique and unforgettable. 

Know how far you are from your StudentVille Academia residence to the four places that we leave you as suggestions to get to know Coimbra, the city of knowledge.

Starting the itinerary, 12 minutes away from your residence you will find the Miradouro do Seminário Maior, overlooking the Mondego river, where the magical swing with room for two people waits for you. A success on Instagram! 

After contemplating the whole city of knowledge, going by the faculties, just 6 minutes away, near the Pole I of the University of Coimbra, where the Paço das Escolas and the Biblioteca Joanina are located, there is another building, outside that campus, with one of the most beautiful Coimbra cloisters: the one of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences. 

The building, founded in 1593 (but already much renovated) is known as Colégio de Santo Agostinho and is also part of the UNESCO Patrimony.

Then it's just a climb up to Praça da República, where student life is a landmark. There you can relax in one of the most emblematic gardens of the city, the Jardim da Sereia

This space was used by monks as a place of recollection and meditation and is now one of Coimbra's great green spaces.

At the end of your tour, sit at the fantastic Cartola's outdoor space, one of the reference cafes where the student community gathers, right in the center of the Praça da República, 4 minutes away from your residence, and let yourself be involved in the joy of the city.

Here you will find these places and much more to live Coimbra! See you soon 

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