11/08/17 – With the new football season starting, we’ve found the top spot to watch all games of all sports – The Coach opened yesterday and it looks great!

TimeOut magazine reports the opening of a new sports bar in Lisbon, and it seems to set itself a league ahead of the rest!

With 32 screens and 3,000 channels, you’ll be able to watch pretty much any sport as long as it’s televised. Better still, is that if you take your phone and headphones with you, you can use the wifi to access the audio of the screen you are watching, so that you can hear the atmosphere and commentary of your game without it being drowned out by the main event being shown!

The owners promise good food and there is a selection of finger food to nibble on whilst watching all the action.

With the Premier League starting today and all major leagues kicking off, this place will probably be on your to-do list pretty soon!

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