28/12/2023 - Volunteer Programmes

The world needs more and more help, and how many times have you asked yourself, how you can help? How can you make a difference and help those who need it most?

Through WorldNeeds Org. all help is welcome, appreciated, and everyone can participate!

On this platform you can find the best way to help someone, from volunteering missions in other countries to donations that can be made without leaving Portugal, this organisation helps those interested in helping others to do so.

Together we can help those who need it most, and there are many ways to do this, whether it's with specific donations (clothes, food, etc.), money or our time, the willingness to help someone is all you need, and all the world needs is people with the will!

There are many other organisations and websites that support the most diverse humanitarian causes, and they all look forward to our help. Did you know that you can also find volunteering projects at the University of Coimbra?

Today for them, tomorrow for us, one for all and all for one! For a more united and peaceful world.

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