19-11-2020 The organisation of the Web Summit has already announced the opening of applications for tickets to the event for university students, which unlike previous years are completely free.    


The 2020 Web Summit will have over 100,000 visits, however all the different conferences will be attended online. After consulting the Portuguese government and the Lisbon municipality, the organisation decided to hold this year's edition only on the Internet. The event will take place between the 2nd and 4th of December. 

The 2020 edition will premiere an exclusive channel for Portugal, which will be attended by leaders of national startups, researchers and representatives of the academic sector, as well as notes related to Portuguese history and culture. It is also planned to carry out initiatives related to Lisbon, European Green Capital 2020, Women in Tech, and open source programming. 

The Web Summit said it would offer 50,000 free access tickets to the conference to 50,000 university students and start-up professionals interested in launching or participating in business in Portugal, as part of the Inspire programme. 

Make your application for one of these free tickets on this link. Tickets will only be validated if you enter your university email address. 

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