9.5.19 The Academic Week of Lisbon is back in the capital, between the 8th and the 18th of May to provide everyone with a week of academic tradition and many concerts! 

With more than 120 thousand students, the Academic Association of Lisbon-AAL is one of the main academic associations in the country, having organized their first academic week in May 1985. The Academic Week of Lisbon, one of the largest academic festivals in Portugal, is the largest recreational event produced by this associationQueima das Fitas is part of these celebrations and will take place in Carcavelos from the 15 th to the 18th of May. You will find lots of concerts and fun in one of the best medium-sized festivals in our country, where young people continue to attend these festivals that traditionally have many Portuguese artists, unlike other academic festivals. 

In addition to the nights, there will be cultural activities from the 8th to the 14th of May, the Serenata Monumental on the 16 th and the main parade on the 21st of May, guaranteed to be full of color and joy. 

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