8.9.2022-StudentVille leaves here some tips for you, foreign student arriving in Portugal, be it European through the Erasmus program or from other continents. 

The first thing a foreign student in Portugal should do, in case he still does not master the Portuguese language, is to find an education place to learn how to speak, read and write in the local language.  

Universities usually offer Portuguese courses for foreigners either free or paid.  

So, confirm with your educational institution the possibility of enrolling in one of these courses. 

Many universities offer courses in English, and this can be very important if you do not yet master the Portuguese language. These courses are available, in some cases, at the Undergraduate and Integrated Master's level and at postgraduate level. 


Foreign students in Portugal should know how to take advantage of the discounts available for access to cultural events at half price, and discounts for municipal and inter-municipal public transportation. 

All universities have a department dedicated to the support and reception of foreign students. Therefore, any questions or problems you may have, whether related to university rules or to bureaucratic issues, this is where you should turn to within your university. 

Take advantage of the contact with your Portuguese colleagues to get to know the gastronomy, the cities, the places less known to tourists. This way you will have access to a more Portuguese and less turist life.  

In this way you will also be practicing your Portuguese and improving it, promoting a greater integration with the Portuguese community.   

Rent as a tourist Rent as a student